Mobile Payment Processing Cartwheels Into New Technology

Tantrum Street unveils three new products that could revolutionize mobile transactions for both business owners and consumers.

Skip Wallet, a cloud based mobile app that allows users to create a digital wallet, eliminates the fumble for payment in check out of participating businesses and also safely stores all credit, debit, and rewards card information. With this scan and swipe-free technology, users can make purchases simply by using the mobile app.

Users can also utilize the service without a phone or tablet by providing their Skip Wallet pay-name and pin number. Testing for this app will begin in November at select Dallas locations.

Business owners can now accept payment without the use of a swipe mobile attachment by using Cartwheel Register. This product employs advanced mobile camera technology to accept all major credit and debit cards during a transaction.

All information is encrypted during the pattern recognition process of a transaction and does not store any card data. Through Cartwheel Register, payments can also be made with Skip Wallet. Projected availability for this app is early 2014.   

Handshake promises to integrate existing POS systems with mobile interaction on an enterprise level. This product is still in development.

For more information, visit and check back with Launch DFW for updates.


Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.