Bitzy Social Network Launches in Dallas

Available in app stores as of this week, Dallas startup Bitzy fills a social media niche.

With the growing immediacy of social media culture, Bitzy offers time sensitive sharing. You decide how long your post stays in your friends’ live feeds. Following a post’s expiration, the original content will completely disappear from Bitzy’s news feed, your profile, and even from their servers.

The central allure of this app surrounds its impermanence. In essence, this is the first social media network that provides you complete privacy while still allowing you to stay connected.

Bitzy Sharing

Bitzy Sharing Offers Audience Control

Currently users have the option to post photos or texts called “bitz” for any length of time ranging from 5 seconds to a whole week. In addition to its time sensitivity, Bitzy also offers detailed privacy control settings on each individual post: public meaning anyone can see it, and private being viewable only by your mutual followers.

Co-founder Casey Stauffer offers a “bit” of advice.

Just over a week after launch, Bitzy has near 200 users. It is currently available for iOs7 with plans for an Android edition to follow soon.

Bitzy Profile Face

Standard Bitzy Profile


We caught up with Co-founder Jesse Stauffer to find out more. Check it out!

How do you think Bitzy is set apart from other social media networks (particularly Snapchat)?
“Bitzy differs from other social networks because of its impermanent feed and privacy settings. Unlike Snapchat, Bitzy allows users to share text and photo “Bitz” to a large quantity of people at once. While Snapchat’s messages begin to countdown when the user views it, Bitz begin to expire the second the user has posted it. Also, while Bitzy is a true mobile social network, Snapchat is more of a peer-to-peer messaging service. Another difference between the two is that while Snapchat allows users to post from 1-10 seconds, Bitzy allows users to set time limits from 5 seconds to 1 week.”
Standard Bit

What made you recognize the need or come up with the idea for Bitzy? 

“After scrolling through an endless feed of outdated information on services like Facebook and Twitter, I became frustrated with the repetition of content. Feeds are generally full of unimportant posts that range from what people had for dinner two years ago to pictures of their pets. These posts are interesting the first time they are viewed; however, they soon become annoying and meaningless as time progresses. Because of this problem, I decided to create an impermanent feed. This concept allows users to always have a clean and up to date feed. While users are able to like and comment on Bitz, the likes and comments are deleted the second the post has expired. The whole idea of an impermanent feed helps make online networking more like real-life communication. Also, an ephemeral feed allows users to share content more freely, knowing that the content will not remain on the Internet forever.”


Jenna Clark

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