SurgeryLink Helps Coordinate the Surgical Process

While working in sales and management for companies such as Medtronic and Globus Medical for the past 12 years, SurgeryLink Founder and CEO Malcolm Williams noticed the lack of communication and a significant number of delays and errors that often occurred as a result of a largely manual surgical scheduling and coordination process.

In one procedure that Mr. Williams observed, a patient was under anesthesia for more than an hour prior to the surgeon’s arrival.  This error occurred because of a simple miscommunication over the surgery start time between the surgeon and the hospital.  Mr. Williams saw the opportunity to improve the entire surgery coordination process.

SurgeryLink allows hospitals and surgeons to book surgeries online in a HIPAA-secure environment instead of through phone and fax.  Once a surgery is booked, team members are notified of a surgery and can view accurate and clear procedure information.  Examples of team members include surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants and vendors.

The way it works is simple.  When a surgery scheduler adds a team member to a surgery, the team member receives an email and text message notification with a link to the surgery page, where the team member is asked to confirm participation.  Once confirmed, the surgery is automatically added to the team member’s calendar.  Cancellations and time changes are handled in the same way.  SurgeryLink can be accessed online and through its mobile website, with plans to launch native apps for iOS and Android in the near future.

SurgeryLink, a TECH Fort Worth client, started incubation last April and has been an accelerator client since late May. The funding has come from a network of surgeons and medical device contacts. SurgeryLink is currently in the process of preparing their platform for an upcoming beta launch. Two hospitals are confirmed to participate in an initial pilot: St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO and South Texas Surgical Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.  Both hospitals are a part of larger systems, which will allow SurgeryLink the opportunity for rapid expansion.

SurgeryLink’s three main goals are to increase patient safety, reduce liability for hospitals and surgeons and improve the operational performance for hospitals, surgeons and supporting team members.  SurgeryLink can reduce the time required for surgery scheduling and coordination by more than 50 percent, while making the entire process safer for patients.

To learn more and stay informed, you can visit SurgeryLink’s website or send an email to You can also follow SurgeryLink on Twitter and Facebook.

Dale Dahlstrom

Completed my Texas Christian University undergraduate Entrepreneurial Management major and Energy minor degree in August, 2013. I took my last two classes in Brussels, Belgium during the summer of 2013, which was an experience of a lifetime. I am inspired by entrepreneurs from all different paths of life. I enjoy meeting and working with people who are high achievers and shoot for the stars. I am always wanting to be more involved within the community.