Tell Us Quickly Promises Fast Feedback

Locally based suggestion platform puts a new spin on online customer review.

With the growing popularity of online customer review platforms such as Yelp, provides a new private system directly in-boxing suggestions to business owners.

Individual customer experiences can be addressed through a five-question survey accessed by entering a pin number for a given business. Users can also acquire points to receive rewards.

Business owners utilizing this service can access their ratings in comparison with similar establishments within their area based upon survey results from their customers. They can also receive direct suggestions and reviews.

We caught up with co-founder Hussain Noordin to find out more.

How was TellUsQuickly born?

It was the age old “scratching one’s own itch” that gave birth to TellUsQuickly. I started experiencing minor customer service issues at local businesses. For example, one day my dry cleaner started over-starching my shirts.  There was no way to quickly & privately tell the business owner about these issues. I would order the same cup of coffee five days a week, yet three out of five days it tasted completely different.

During beta testing of TellUsQuickly, I came across my co-founder, Steve Ross. He was a multi-business owner looking for ways to get customer feedback. At that point, we realized that we trying to solve the same problem from different ends and so we launched, for customers to be able to give quick & private feedback to any business around town.

It’s no wonder Yelp and other review sites have become so popular. Business owners do not have a way for customers to give them feedback in a way that customers want to give feedback, until now, of course.

How has it progressed since start-up? Has there been a good response from business owners wanting to utilize the site?

The journey has been interesting in a few ways. Getting to local business owners has been a challenge. However, once we connect with business owners, most “get it” right away. Some have existing tools, such as, an 800#, Franchise Customer Service teams, etc.; however, many business owners tell us that they get more feedback that impacts their local business from TellUsQuickly than all of their other tools combined.  That says something about the power TellUsQuickly can give to business owners and managers.

What aspect of the site do you think people appreciate most?

The ability to give private feedback to that local dry cleaners or ice cream store, without the fear of being labeled as “that customer who complaints” is greatly appreciated by many. Equally appreciated is the fact that giving feedback via TellUsQuickly can help social causes. The ability to help local businesses and charities at the same time is compelling.

What are the next steps for bettering the site and mobile app?

Our next focus is to up the level of user engagement. We will be implementing a new points rewards system. Give feedback, earn points, redeem for prizes or experience.

The TellUsQuickly team: 

Hussain Noordin – Co-founder: Proverbial customer who wanted to give local businesses quick feedback about minor service experience issues, yet didn’t want to waste time and sound negative all over social media.

Steve Ross – Co-founder: Proverbial business owner who kept trying different things to engage customers to give feedback to serve them better and get ahead of unfavorable comment postings online.


Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.