Smart Bulb Market Recently LED by Ilumi

Dallas start-up illuminates the future of Blue-tooth driven lighting technology.

With 44 days left to go in its Kickstarter campaign, and over $37,000 raised for its $25,000 goal, Ilumi is nearing a launch date. Continuing on a journey born from Alcatel-Lucent’s Gravity Centre, Ilumi has won a number of awards including first place in UT’s 2010 Business Idea Competition and most recently named semifinalists at Tech Fort Worth’s Impact Awards.

Ilumi could potentially change the future of the remote-controlled home as it is the first product of its kind to utilize Blue-tooth and meshing technology to create a wireless and user-friendly set-up for a lower cost.

These multi-color LED bulbs are the first of their class, with a 2 year life expectancy and internal programming to link to your mobile phone through the Ilumi app. They can be controlled from up to a hundred foot range.

Through their network in a given set up, these lights can communicate with one another, extending the signal range thousands of feet. This is possible by using Bluetooth 4.0 meshing.

The app is currently compatible with Android (BLE) phones and tablets as well as some Apple products. There is also a software development kit in the making to allow users to create and share new ways to use Ilumi.

The app provides control over every aspect of each bulb including time, brightness, and color. There is also a default setting feature, which allows you to still use a regular light switch.

In addition to being advanced for its market, Ilumi is also environmentally conscious, guaranteeing its product is responsible. With their patented technology, Ilumi is classified as the most energy-efficient LED bulb on the market.

Currently, there are two different bulb sizes. One created to replace a standard 75-watt incandescent and a larger size comparable to a flood light.

Suggested retail price will start at 89 dollars, however, in energy costs it is guaranteed to save at least 4 times its value. Backers or of the Ilumi Kickstarter campaign can opt to donate a suggested amount and receive a bulb at a discounted price. Launch is anticipated for December of this year.

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Jenna Clark

Jenna is an avid explorer and supporter of the DFW startup community. In addition to LAUNCH DFW, she works and volunteers for startup events around the city.