Remember Heroes Will Help You Commemorate Loved Ones

Remember Heroes allows you to honor and commemorate American heroes in three ways: by putting flowers on their grave, by seeing their memorial decorated with those flowers, and by being able to share photos and memories with family and friends.

Mike Merit, co-founder and President, served three tours of duty as a U.S. Marine in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. When Mike returned from service, he received disability benefits from the federal government. The limited amount of support was barely enough to get by, let alone fly halfway across the country to pay his respects to his fallen friends. On Memorial Day of 2012, Mike envisioned a virtual cemetery experience where you could have flowers placed, see your loved one’s headstone, and have a panoramic view of the entire cemetery as if you were there. From that, Remember Heroes was born.

Flint Holbrook, CEO, brings his experience in start-ups to the team. Flint was named Merrill-Lynch Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2009. Nick Cain, COO, is a problem solver and a people person. Nick makes sure orders are serviced and responds to your questions.

Remember Heroes won fourth place in the TCU Ventures & Values competition. After their very first presentation, the NRA approached Remember Heroes and decided to join the team.

The company needs your help to expand their service to the 128 national cemeteries by Memorial Day, 2014. They recently launched their Indiegogo campaign and if you would like to be a part of this incredible vision, you can donate at Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Remember Heroes has also entered the Intuit Small Business Big Game competition for a chance to win a commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl. You can vote for them at

Remember Heroes is always looking for corporate sponsors. If your corporation would like to join this incredible team, please contact them directly.

Dale Dahlstrom

Completed my Texas Christian University undergraduate Entrepreneurial Management major and Energy minor degree in August, 2013. I took my last two classes in Brussels, Belgium during the summer of 2013, which was an experience of a lifetime. I am inspired by entrepreneurs from all different paths of life. I enjoy meeting and working with people who are high achievers and shoot for the stars. I am always wanting to be more involved within the community.