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Deals of Scale


1-sentence elevator pitch

Deals Of Scale allows businesses to distribute socially amplified coupons, which are coupons that increase in value as more people want them, so that the connected economy can decide the discount from local businesses, national brands, and digital goods.

What do you do and who are your customers?

We are a startup, and we are about to come out of Beta testing. Deals Of Scale has a patent pending technology for socially amplified coupons. These coupons, which allow the discount to be variable with demand, allow the 1 billion+ Facebook, Twitter, and socially connected users to work together to amplify their savings.

Overview video:

Who are the founders, what are their background and why are they passionate about this company?

We are really super passionate about reinventing coupons. The coupon has so much potential in the connected, collaborative economy. It’ll be a ton of fun to see friends working together to amplify their savings, and hopefully create the biggest deals the net has ever seen.

Ben Illian, CEO: Ben brings more than 10 years of broad entrepreneurial experience to Deals of Scale. As founder and CEO of both on and offline lifestyle, fitness and strategic marketing consulting businesses, Ben understands the value of social media to drive incremental growth and build lasting customer relationships. A pioneer in the development of social coupons, Ben has drawn extensively from his experience in both traditional print media advertising sales (Star-Telegram) and interactive marketing & product development (Big Jump Media) to create the patent pending innovations that are A grduate of TCU in Business, with honors in Entrepreneurship, Ben is an active member and enthusiastic promoter of the burgeoning tech scene in Dallas.

Andy Hawkins, CTO: For more than 10 years, Andy has worked on internet application development, data management and networking technology: as Chief Platform Architect at Mental Workout, as CTO at eVoter, as VP of Technology at Big Jump Media and as Senior Webmaster at AdSmart. Throughout his career Andy has been an active member of the open source community, including memberships in the ISSA (International Systems Security Association), the Linux Foundation, and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

Mike Riddell, COO: For more than 15 years, Mike has worked in executive positions in the global information technology and consumer electronics industries, bringing a broad range of technology lifecycle management experience to Deals of Scale: As CTO at Mental Workout, as Chief of Product Development at eVoter, as CIO at Big Jump Media and as EVP for Product Development at Spark Networks. Mike has served on the executive and advisory boards of a wide range of technology related companies in the US and Europe and is an honors graduate of the University of California, Davis.

What major milestones have you reached and what are your startup’s plans for this year?

Well, first of all we are about to come out of Beta Testing. However, we haven’t raised a dime of capital, so it hasn’t been an easy road. We bootstrapped this business during our free time.

We are aiming to launch in about a month from now, and then it is just going to be us hustling to try to bring the type of savings Dallas expects- BIG.

How can people learn more or engage with you?

Hit me up on Twitter – @OneBillian.

Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.