Collin County Collides With Entrepreneurs by Launching Creative Co-Working Community

Collide Center

The Collide Center formally launched last week with over one hundred attendees at their launch party. Located near historic downtown McKinney in a rustic, old factory, called the Cotton Mill, the center is home to exposed brick exteriors, hundred-year-old wood floors, and twenty-foot high ceilings, providing a creative and collaborative ambiance for startups. It was developed by a joint collaboration between the McKinney Economic Development Corporation and Curious Complex. Both sought to emphasize helping growing and aspiring entrepreneurs through an inexpensive space that offers educational and networking opportunities. To learn more, visit

I’m extremely enthusiastic about not only the leadership of Jason Adams in his endeavors of encouraging entrepreneurs, but also want to applaud the city of McKinney’s efforts as well. We can never have too many resources and tools to help entrepreneurs succeed. Entrepreneurs can be successful in any location. Stereotypically, most people immediately think of Silicon Valley in regards to startup success. Yet, what most fail to realize is that success is undefined by your location. The value and power of an ecosystem lie only in the pieces of the puzzle that make it up.

In order to continue the growth of our flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, as a community, we must constantly invest and support the assets in our region, the Collide Center being one of the newest. North Texas now has collaborative co-working communities launched in development within a fifteen or twenty minute drive of every citizen. For such a geographically spread out region, this is a true accomplishment. By providing accessible space, education, networking, capital, and other resources to entrepreneurs, it allows them to focus their efforts on building and growing great companies within our back year. Ultimately, if each and every one of us in this stellar startup ecosystem can come together, support our partners and community members, and celebrate the success of this region, we can become nationally known for what we truly are: a world class, internationally competitive startup ecosystem.

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Jeremy Vickers

Advocate and evangelist for startup community in North Texas.