Google Reportedly Merging with Apple Computers

In what seems to be a once in a millennium occurrence, the LAUNCH DFW newsroom has just been tipped off to a merger between Apple and Google*.  Earlier this morning, at 6:34 a.m. CST, a call came in from Silicon Valley itself. applegoogle

The caller was in a state of elation as he described the wonders of what was to come from the merger.  “We will soon have internet connected reverse microwaves that freeze food when you put it in!  Can’t you just see it?!”  Unfortunately the euphoric call was dropped half way through, most likely because we were using Google’s ‘Voice’ product, which means we couldn’t get a name, though it’s reported the voice on the other end of the line resembled either Richard Branson or Chris Martin, mostly due to the British accent.

While we cannot confirm any of these details, we hope they are true.  There couldn’t be anything more inspiring than an open sourced iOS, an Apple-esque designed self-driving car, or a newly coined search engine called Goople.  Actually, that’s a catchy URL…I’ll go see if it’s available.

Happy April 1, 2013.

*Obligatory article by a technology media company on the day after March 31st.

Eric VanderSchaaf

Eric is the Editor of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. In addition to running this site, Eric is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Senico, a company that builds amazing technology products for itself and others.