Meet Yellowbrick, the Kayak of Crowdfunding

Today, we are profiling local startup Yellowbrick, a mobile search engine for crowdfunding projects.  Today, many of the crowdfunding projects that exist are held captive behind their Kickstarter or IndieGoGo walled gardens.  This young startup is giving us the power to search crowdfunding projects across hundreds of sites from our mobile phones.


Give us the 30-second elevator pitch on your company

Yellowbrick allows you to explore the world of crowdfunding in one mobile app. Hundreds of sites, thousands of projects. Use our filtering tools to find what you’re looking for or sign up for our matchmaking service and let us find the ideal projects matched to you.

Tell us about the founders, who they are, backgrounds, and why they are passionate about your company

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to the U.S. or to those people who are networked in with investors.  Even with Kickstarter and IndieGoGo there is a huge disparity between successful projects and failures, largely driven by which projects are highlighted on the home page.  We believe crowdfunding is the future of private finance.  We believe people deserve to have easy access to crowdfunding on a global scale regardless of which crowdfunding site the cause or idea is listed on.Andrew Eckerman is the founder of YellowBrick.  He has been a corporate turnaround artist and new venture advisor for the last 12 years.  YellowBrick is his first product venture.

Do you have funding? How much?

We are self-funded.

What are your startup’s goals for this year?

We will release both our native iOS and Android apps and our web app in the next 30 days.  When we launch we will have over 100 crowdfunding sites listed with their full inventories filtered.We will also launch our matchmaking service shortly thereafter as we build a database of users and activity to mine.

We anticipate profitable operations by year’s end from our advertising model.

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Eric VanderSchaaf

Eric is the Editor of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. In addition to running this site, Eric is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Senico, a company that builds amazing technology products for itself and others.