SBS Offers Partnership Program for Startups

Starting a new business has never been a more viable or more intelligent option. As technology has proliferated through our society, small businesses ranging from crowdsourcing musicians to boutique app developers have exploded. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: Launching a small business is still difficult.

While there are many time-tested strategies, why think inside the box in a market where, increasingly, the box doesn’t even exist? That’s where SquareBall Studios (SBS) and its Launchpad Program comes in.

SBS serves as a partner in your new business venture. SBS Co-Founder, Andrew Sosa, had this to add, “Being a self-funded individual or angel-funded startup is only the first step: finding the right development partner is the next challenge. Which is why we initiated this program”.

No matter what your business idea, there are going to be expenses, and sometimes enormous ones. It’s important to figure out as many methods as possible when it comes to containing costs, especially since any investors who might be backing your work will be taking a close look at your balance sheets.

Having SquareBall Studios behind you means that you’ve already shaken off an enormous amount of cost: Instead of having to go through talent search, hiring, compensation, background checks, and other bureaucratic work, that’s already been done for you. All you have to do is work with us to develop the project, and focus on finding investors.

Joining the Launchpad Program means a lot more than just having quality technology behind your idea; it also means connections. Squareball has spent years developing a trusted network of investors that you can present your ideas to: people who will take your work seriously and help you craft a business that’s lean and capable in an ever-changing economy.

Interested in launching your business? Apply today for the Launchpad Program, and put the experienced team at SquareBall behind your project.

Company Summary:

SquareBall Studios has put together dozens of solutions for a wide variety of markets, ranging from mobile development to website construction and branding design. Joining Launchpad means you’ve already got a studio that knows how to assemble the code, deliver the art assets, and put together the solution, so you can both present investors with a finished product and demonstrate that you not only have big ideas, but also the capacity to deliver on them.

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  • Bill Melendez

    Great idea. There are other R&D companies here in Texas that follow similar approach. What is lacking though is the funding needed to pay for the R&D. Outsourcing software or hardware development does have its pros and cons. So does seeking funding with nothing but an idea –which is what one has to do if there isn’t any funding for the R&D in the first place. I do thank SBS for their approach which should alleviate some of the stress associated with trying to process an idea while running a company and talking to investors (which can turn into a full time job).

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