Dallas Start-up Launches New Product That Has Vine Users Flipping Out

vineflip-logoIt’s not often you come across a beautifully simple idea that effortlessly marries the online world we all spend increasingly amounts of time living in with the offline world (a place that sadly we are spending less and less time living in).

A new Dallas-based startup is doing just that, and it’s called Vine Flip.  Co-founded by husband and wife team Robin and Brad Yeager, the idea is simple: Vine Flip converts your Vine videos into high quality flipbooks that are the size of the standard business card.  And it does all this in three easy steps; simply shoot and share your six-second video on Vine, paste your Vine video link on Vine Flip, and create your Flipbook.

The company can ship their Vine Flips internationally (US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Mexico) and they take 5-10 business days to get there.  The pricing is fair, in my mind, too: 2 for $10, 5 for $24, 10 for $45, 20 for $85.

A novel, simple, and memorable idea – I wish the best to them.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

See it in action here.

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Dallas Start-up Launches New Product That Has Vine Users Flipping Out

DALLAS (February 22, 2013) – Dallas software start-up launches Vine Flip, a new concept that offers a classic product to compliment Vine, the latest craze to sweep the social scene. Vine is a new mobile service that allows its users to capture and share short looping videos.  Enter Vine Flip (vineflip.com), which allows those users who share videos on Vine to easily turn them into memorable, collectible, and oh-so-fun flipbooks.

Flipbooks, those little books that show a movie when you flip it’s pages, have been around since the late 1800’s and are now recognized as one of the earliest forms of interactive media.  Vine Flip has integrated with the hottest new social sharing platform and operates in 3 simple steps; simply shoot and share your six-second video on Vine, paste your Vine video link on Vine Flip, and create your Flipbook.

“When we first found out about Vine we couldn’t wait to start sharing videos.  We were goofing around our office shooting our friends being foolish and thought, how funny if we could make this into a flipbook and secretly pass them around the office.  And then the ideas of other ways we’d like to flip our Vines came flowing out – from marriage proposals to parties.  We knew we had to roll this out if nothing else to entertain ourselves.” – said Brad Yeager, Co-Founder of Vine Flip.

Like Vine, Vine Flip speaks to a very wide audience of all ages and it knows their customers will want to turn their videos into flipbooks for many different reasons.  Co-Founder Robin Yeager, who has almost a decade of marketing experience in the Special Event and Wedding Industries, had this to say – “Even though flipbooks have been around for centuries they are a very new and innovative way to market your business, brand and/or event.  There are so many ways a business can apply the power of video-action to a successful marketing campaign.Vine Flip offers an age old concept of the flipbook and has carried it into the 21st century  – it’s fun and fresh with just the right amount of old-school flavor.”

About Vine Flip
Vine Flip was Co-Founded by serial entrepreneurs and husband/wife team Robin and Brad Yeager. Originally from Dallas, both Robin and Brad started their first companies while still in college and have collaborated on a variety of businesses together since first meeting in 2005.  The couple’s successful software company was acquired in Dallas, Texas in 2012.  Vine Flip began as a challenge after the couple met Chris Guillebeau (author of $100 Start Up) at a speaking engagement.  The challenge was to take an idea from inception to market in 3 weeks time.

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