Uber Launches in Dallas!

Uber, the company that provides on-demand private car service, has launched in Dallas! Why take a taxi when you can arrive in style in a black town car or SUV?!

While it’s not quite their *official* launch, they announced today on their blog that Uber cars are ready and roaming the streets of Dallas!

Uber cars are live in Dallas!

I was just out in San Francisco (where the company is based), and went on my first couple Uber rides. I have to say, not only is it super convenient, but it’s also a lot of fun.

The driver will roll up in the black car, greet you by name, offer you a bottle of water and you’re off to wherever you want to go in style. At your destination just hop out and you’re on your way… no messing around with credit cards or cash, Uber will charge you directly through their app.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the official launch party coming soon. In the meantime, download the app and give it a shot!

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