Pocketstop Hosting Hackathon to Find Next All-Star Developer

Pocketstop, a digital agency here in Dallas, is hosting a WordPress hackathon on Friday, May 18th in an effort to find the next developer to join their growing team.

Here are the details:

This is a WordPress Hackathon engineered to find the next developer for Pocketstop. It will be a day filled with hacking, networking, food, drinks and general tomfoolery. The winner of the hackathon will have the chance to receive a job offer from Pocketstop as our next developer and a sweet new iPad for your messenger bag.

Pocketstop is a kickass company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Basement Headquarters is where we execute our plan to take over the world of mobile, social and digital. Our quest is to “organize human behavior” in order to build fanatical loyalty. Our clients are fun to work with and we operate with surgeon-like precision using the latest and greatest technology.

Pocketstop is what it would be like if Google owned a marketing agency and that agency where headquartered in Dallas, TX and intent on taking over the world. Here’s a list of tricks up our sleeve: SMS text messaging, mobile web, mobile apps, QR Codes, Geo-location, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, interactive screen services and the list goes on and on.

What it is…
Our Hackathon will expose you to our platform, APIs and tricks of the trade. You’ll also get to meet our team and work from within Basement HQ. We’ll supply all of the fuel (food and drink) you will need to complete the journey. This is not a mud run. This is a Hackathon, so come prepared.

WHEN: Friday May 18 9am – 9pm

WHERE: Pocketstop HQ 5646 Milton Street

Suite 100 LL Dallas, TX 75206

PLEASE REGISTER NOW future.pocketstop.com/hackathon

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  • James West

    This is incredibly tacky. We all know that hackathons are organized as big marketing events for companies: that’s accepted. But great developers have their pick of places to work, especially now when investments and valuations are high. No developer with a shred of dignity would accept such a position.

    Basically this post should say, “Company wants to see how potential hires code without investing a lot of time interviewing”.

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