CEOs Across US Say Texas is #1 For Business

According to a survey conducted by of over 650 CEOs nationwide, Texas grabs the #1 spot as the best place for business. Somehow, I don’t think anyone in Texas is surprised.

Here is what the CEOs had to say:

“No personal income tax is a plus in Texas.”

“Texas continues to develop and grow businesses. The State attracts Top level talent across the income divisions. Laws and taxation are creating opportunities that benefit expansion and job growth.”

“We are moving our headquarters from Oregon to Texas. We looked at all of the other surrounding states to Oregon and found that in order to get pro business environment, quality workforce and great living environment we needed to move into the southern US.”

Not surprisingly, low taxes is a key issue CEOs are considering when locating or re-locating their companies.

Of course, those of us here in Dallas already knew this and see if every day as you drive by building after building of Fortune 500 Company HQs around the DFW metroplex.

The good news is, as word continues to spread, more talent and potential customers for DFW startups will be rolling into town.

Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana round out the top 5. Ironically, California comes in dead last.

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.