RedCritter Nets a Cool $750k in Funding

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about RedCritter, which produces gamification-based apps. Back then, they were privately funded and were not seeking external financing. Now, I am happy to report that they have garnered a sweet $750k in angel financing. From exactly who isn’t being disclosed. But considering recent funding making the news, I have my ideas on who it is. Ok, ok, I won’t go there.

RedCritter has received some nice recognition lately, making Laptop Magazine’s Top 10 list of gamification apps, and has been highlighted in a major healthcare trade publication. Their flagship product, RedCritter Tracker, has enjoyed significant customer adoption, making its way across the pond to Europe.

Says Jeff Coghlan, CEO of Matmi, a UK media and design agency,

RedCritter Tracker has so far proved to be a fantastic piece of software. The gamification of project management (or applying game dynamics within the work place) can be a touchy subject for some but we have found it to be a top notch way of managing projects and would recommend anyone giving it a go.

The adoption rate is indicative of a larger trend of implementing game theory into business level software around the globe, using incentives to drive higher efficiency. Billy Rodgers, Chief Revenue Officer of RedCritter, comments:

Gartner’s predicting that by 2014, 70% of global 2000 companies will have at least one gamified application, and as of today we are one of very few companies in the space.  Our flagship product, RedCritter Tracker, is the only  project management tool with a specific use for Agile development which incorporates game mechanics.  Within the next three years we’ll have a suite of products which will touch every aspect of business.”

As Rodgers notes, up next for RedCritter is development of a suite of enterprise software products familiar to nearly every organization — think CRM, HR, Customer Service, etc. They will build on the popularity of Tracker, and will institute game mechanics into all.

RedCritter will be a Platinum sponsor coming up next week at Scrum Alliance in Atlanta, and is sponsoring the upcoming Gamification Summit being held in San Francisco this June.

The folks at RedCritter want to show some love to readers of LaunchDFW. We’re being treated to a special discount. So let’s all show our support. You get a $25 service credit if you use the promo code at this link

Brad Anderson