Richardson Startup Has Raised $1MM+ to Make Life Easier for Diabetics

We don’t cover hardware or med-tech stuff here too often, but this one is pretty neat. Kewl Innovations, a startup in Richardson, is working on a new device that keeps medicine at a regulated temperature but is still ultra-portable.

Give us the 30-second elevator pitch on your company

Managing diabetes is a tremendously cumbersome and frustrating practice. Amongst all the fluctuating variables that contribute to this frustration, there is one simple factor yet to be resolved. Injectable insulin, a staple drug for most diabetics, must be stored within a specific temperature range, or else its potency will rapidly degrade. In order to travel safely, people with diabetes are forced to lug around coolers, ice packs, and other ‘lunch box’ looking solutions which offer limited in capacity and consistency. 

Kewl Innovations, Inc.™ has developed a portable device that monitors and moderates the temperature of one’s personal insulin supply for 3-5 days on a single charge. Utilizing nanotechnology and advanced monitoring software, the device eliminates the need fir frozen gel-packs, and requires no effort from the user, other than a routine re-charge.

Tell us about the founders, who they are, backgrounds, and why they are passionate about your company

Kewl Innovations was founded by an engineer, sailboat captain, and insulin dependent diabetic. This makes Kewl a ‘for us – by us’ company, having sprung up from our founders personal need to create a more compatible insulin portability solution.

Do you have funding? How much?

Kewl has raised over $1,000,000 in funding from a Series A Angel round.

What are your startup’s goals for this year?

The first half of 2012 will be spent finalizing our market-ready product design. Subsequently we will be working diligently with the diabetes community to build resale partnerships, and encourage local pro-active diabetes management efforts.

The product is scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. At this time we hope to have successfully explained to our market how our solution fits into the pro-active diabetes management equation.

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