VentureDocs Signs Agreement With TECH Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, TX –VentureDocs, which provides cloud-based customized legal documents for both the legal and capital formation of startup companies, has been accepted as an Acceleration Client by TECH Fort Worth.

As part of their relationship, TECH Fort Worth has purchased the VentureDocs solution for its other Incubation and Acceleration clients. “When we were introduced to VentureDocs at a trade show, we knew right away that this solution would benefit our Acceleration and Incubation clients,” said Darlene Ryan, Executive Director of TECH Fort Worth.

TECH Fort Worth is a nonprofit business incubator that helps companies commercialize their technologies, with particular emphasis on technologies that potentially have a major impact in the areas of the environment, health and community.

VentureDocs is a system for automating the drafting of important legal documents for technology startup companies and their investors. Its products include corporate formation and founder documents for new Delaware and Texas corporations, stock option plans and agreements, and documents for “friends and family” common stock financing transactions and sophisticated angel and institutional investor convertible note and preferred stock financing transactions.

VentureDocs Doccelerator™ programs allow users to proceed through an intuitive point-and-click menu system for putting in unique information and making choices for the language that will be inserted to create highly-customized legal documents. The programs assist in preparing company agreements and corporate and securities documents, reliably and more cost effectively. VentureDocs is an open system and can be used by entrepreneurs, incubators, angel investors, venture capitalists, friends and family/individual investors and their attorneys.

“We don’t want to replace the attorneys, just make them more efficient,” said Bo Sartain, a corporate attorney and the founder and CEO of VentureDocs. “Pre-funded, pre-revenue companies have very limited resources to spend on legal matters. VentureDocs allows attorneys to focus on document review and giving advice instead of the laborious process of document preparation. By using VentureDocs, companies can get the legal advice they need within budget and attorneys can mitigate the amount of write-offs they have for early-stage companies.”

VentureDocs also helps entrepreneurs and investors find local attorneys to answer questions, give legal advice and guide them through the process. According to Sartain, “the ultimate help feature of the site is directing entrepreneurs and investors to attorneys. No amount of programming can replace the skill and judgment of a seasoned attorney.”

VentureDocs was formed in May 2011. Sartain’s law firm, Sartain PC, has been in existence since January 2005 and specializes in venture capital, private equity, lending transactions, mergers and acquisitions and outsourced general counsel services.

About TECH Fort Worth

TECH Fort Worth is a nonprofit technology incubator, with offices at the James E. Guinn Complex in Fort Worth South and at the UNT Health Science Center’s Center for BioHealth. For more information, call Darlene Ryan, Executive Director, at (817) 984-9840, email her at or go to

Brad Anderson