Rethink Books Raises $2M Series A Financing

via press release:

Dallas, Texas – Rethink Books, a mobile and social digital reading company based in Dallas, TX, has secured a $2.0M Series A financing led by Ambassador Technologies of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The funds will be used to continue to expand their multi-faceted vision for social discovery and eBook interaction and to deepen their relationships with publishing partners.

“We are humbled by the opportunity to play a significant role in the expanding digital eBook space,” said Jason Illian, CEO of Rethink Books. “This wouldn’t be possible if not for the hard work of our exceptionally talented team, the funding from Ambassador, and our supportive publishing and technology partners.”

“I am very pleased to be an investor and strategic partner with Rethink Books”, said Tom Stone, Board Member and representative from Ambassador Technologies. “I am extremely impressed with the technology platform the team has built and the opportunity for the wide-array of application possibilities that can be developed for the publishing and reading community.”

“The digital book world is rapidly changing and I believe Rethink Books can be a big part of that change,” said John R. Ingram, Board Member and Chairman of Ingram Content Group.

“As we launch our first set of applications consumers will be able to see our vision for discoverability and interaction around eBooks,” said Jason. “We are not ready to discuss our full plans for social reading yet, but I can say that along with the applications that make digital reading more accessible and social, we’ll be focusing on the Christian and evangelical book market.” Launch of Rethink Books’ first applications are scheduled for later this year.

Rethink Books is a technology company that leverages social interactions to build platforms for collaborative and interactive reading. Rethink Books was founded to develop a social reading experience where users can dynamically interact with books and each other across a variety of devices and social networks. The company is supported or in partnerships with Ingram Content, a number of publishers, and the ng Connect Program Gravity Centre. Rethink Books is a Startup America firm, utilizing the Startup America Partnership’s resources to help accelerate innovation and profitability.

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