Dallas GiveCamp Needs You! Build Software That Gives Back

Ever wonder what 100 developers could do with a weekend? How about build websites for 13 non-profits? That is exactly what is happening on the weekend of October 21 in Dallas Texas.  The annual Dallas GiveCamp event pairs local charities with local developers to meet a great need in our community. The event started in 2008 at the WAM Charity Challenge Weekend, and in January 2011 joined forces with the International GiveCamp organization (http://www.GiveCamp.org) and now participates on GiveCamp Weekend where a similar event is being held in 15 cities all across the world.

Shawn Weisfeld the lead organizer of this year’s camp said “the small regional non-profit organizations are out there every day in our community making a difference. GiveCamp’s mission is to support them by providing free applications. In this age of Facebook and Twitter every non-profit needs a modern web presence that they can maintain. A website for a non-profit acts as the public face for their organization, at GiveCamp we can provide a much needed face lift or a complete overhaul in 2 days, something that would take the charity months to do during normal circumstances, well that is if they could find the budget.” He continued to say “the thing that I like best about GiveCamp is that it allows me to utilize my skills as a software developer, doing what I am passionate about, making great software, to give back to my community.”

If you would like to find out more about the local event, you can check out their website at http://www.DallasGiveCamp.org or email them at DallasGiveCamp@live.com.

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  • Matt Marcum

    I was really thinking about doing this until I noticed it was all Micro$oft sponsored.  I wonder if they’d even allow a lamp stack developer in the door?  The hosting looks like its all ms/asp based.  I’ve been working on websites since about 1997 and I’ve never once touched an ms/asp server.

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