Dallas Angel Network – August meeting at Ocean Prime

The Dallas Angel Network is hosting their August pitch meeting at Ocean Prime this Wednesday starting at 7pm. They have two companies lined up to pitch to investors: Truesigna and Savara.

Truesigna is revolutionizing password‐based user authentication. Banks and financial institutions have been incurring online fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars due to stolen user credentials through social engineering/Phishing and Spyware/Malware. Truesigna helps in securing the online accounts; enabling users do online banking without the fear of stolen passwords and hijacked sessions. In contrast to the existing solutions, users can do their online transactions with ease and convenience of carrying no gadgets or software installs. Further, Truesigna brings in this robust security of password‐less single‐sign‐on to Mobile banking, Cloud computing, Healthcare IT and Enterprise markets. For more details visit http://www.truesigna.com/ and the Technology blog: http://www.oncybersecurity.com

Savara is reformulating existing drugs to treat lung diseases. Savara is developing two products: the first is a reformulated inhaled antibiotic to treat  MRSA infections in cystic fibrosis patients and the second is a pediatric asthma solution that will displace nebulizers in young children.  Savara has teamed with 3M to develop an inhaler for their product and VC’s are currently performing due diligence on the Company.  Savara has: i) raised $6 million to date from angels including a number of doctors; ii) just secured $1 million from CTAN; iii) recently received notice of an SBIR grant; and iv) is seeking $500,000 from DAN investors to fund low risk clinical trials. The Phase 1 trial is on schedule and in addition to healthy volunteers, now includes a proof of concept in patients. For more, visit http://www.savarapharma.com/.

Brad Anderson