Most Epic Day Delivers Well-timed REM Messages to Your Phone

One of the more interesting teams to come out of the most recent Startup Weekend Dallas created Most Epic Day. Their site and future iPhone app is designed to provide REM (reminders, entertainment, and motivation) to bring out the best in you at critical points in the day when you otherwise might struggle. Always tough getting out of bed, staying motivated during the day, or staying on a diet…they encourage you to take the MED approach and let them ‘dial you in.’  

The team made an impact during Startup Weekend when mid-presentation they used their call scheduling feature to cause the nearly 100 cell phones of audience members to buzz, beep and honk at the same moment with an incoming call from JJ, the Most Epic Day gopher mascot, delivering a well-timed inspirational message.

MED sends out “Natural Mood Enhancement”messages called ‘Boosts’ to user’s cell phones. Part of their strategy is to partner with companies like Anheuser-Busch and Weight Watchers under a white-label model called Boost Daily.  Boost Daily allows retail brands to improve retention and relevance in a consumer’s life through not-so-easily-ignored delivery methods.

Headed by Jared Green, Most Epic Day also boasts a pedigree of other respected players in the Dallas startup scene. Green himself runs Green Tree Equity, and is a mentor for Tech Wildcatters. James Jennings, who originally pitched the idea at the opening night of Startup Weekend, is CoFounder of NextPression, which develops smartphone apps based on lifestyle products. Gabriella Draney is Cofounder and Managing Partner of Tech Wildcatters. Daniel Knoodle is Cofounder and Chief Technology Director at Proxomo, and Jason Leblanc, a resident of CoHabitat and Founder of, augments the team with his design talent.

The Most Epic Day site is in beta now.  The text and audio call features are operational, and we’re told that they’re making inroads on their mobile application that will allow brands to push media to a users phone on demand.  We’re all looking forward to being motivated and inspired by the progress of the team at Most Epic Day.