Interview with Dallas Startup Weekend Winner, the winning startup from Dallas Startup Weekend 4, allows users to automatically schedule content updates across multiple social networks. Below is our interview with one of its co-founders (and founder/publisher) Bradley Joyce.

So, what’s the general idea behind

The general usecase is that you often are consuming content that you want to share in batches. If you post links to that content right as you’re reading it, it can look spammy to your followers/friends/connections. We allow you to queue that content as you consume it, so it can be shared at a smarter time.

How did you come up with the idea?

I was using other tools to schedule/rate-limit my tweets but often wanted to post the same content to LinkedIn and Facebook, a feature those services didn’t offer. I contacted the companies behind the products and they told me those features weren’t on the near horizon… so I decided to pitch it as Startup Weekend and build it myself!

What tools did you use at Startup Weekend? Did you run into any major hurdles?

We utilized ruby on rails, heroku, hirefireapp. Making the app look polished with out a real visual designer on the team was tricky.

Are there any privacy issues to worry about with this service?

With any tool that connects to users’ social services, there are definitely privacy issues to address. uses the recommended and accepted methods of each service to explicity request a user’s permission to connect to their social accounts and access their data. We only use that data in order to provide our stated service and do not rent/sell or do anything else on the sly with user data. Our full privacy policy can be viewed at

What’s next for

Right now, we’re posting at a fixed interval as we learn a particular user’s behavior and engagement. The goal is to eventually have a highly sophisticated algorithm that decides the best time to post something to a particular network based on the type of content you share, the type of engagement (clicks/shares/retweets/likes/comments), as well as your normal activity across those networks.

What was your favorite part of Startup Weekend?

Hacking like crazy and making a product that worked.. Being able to launch a live product and get users was a great and rewarding feeling! Also, I have to give a huge shoutout to the team. These guys came together, never having worked together before, and cranked out a pretty polished product considering the time constraints (really only 35 hours of coding time!) Thanks Burin AsavesnaChris Gibson and Armando H!

Bradley said the startup has already received some interest from a few investors and the team is carefully considering its options. We’ll keep you updated.

Sean Maggard