And, They’re Off! #SWDFW

The fourth Dallas Startup Weekend is underway at Tech Wildcatters. More than 40 participants pitched their best idea Friday evening to an over-flowing conference room. The top vote getters (listed below) formed their teams late last night and began coding furiously this morning. Work will continue through this evening and tomorrow, and final presentations will be given tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Tech Wildcatters (2700 Fairview)

We’ll keep you updated on progress throughout the weekend.

  • Queued At –¬†Smart Content Queuing and Sharing Across Social Networks
  • – Delegate procedures to employees in the future
  • Safe StiQR – QR cod tracking + lost belongings
  • Real Food – Create marketplace for farmers to sell directly to customers
  • TweetBoards – Buy electronic billboard space for tweets
  • S1 – Pulls information for traders
  • My cost – A simple way to show your friends how ridiculous they are w/ buying decisions
  • Social Owl – Protect against social network attacks
  • Swift Sharing – Categorized, targeted site to create feeds of stuff
  • Nailed It – Integrated gifting platform — What to gift, when, how
  • Black Box – Put books/manuals on iPads without having to do anything
  • Confaid – Mobile app that turns any mobile phone in to a mic for speaker and Q&A
Sean Maggard