JHilburn.com Raises $5 million, Announces Tailored Suits

Dallas-based luxury mens’ brand, J. Hilburn, announced it has closed $5 million in new financing led by Bridgescale Partners to expand interactive technologies, product development and its nationwide sales force.

J. Hilburn offers custom dress shirts, trousers, “Performance Polos” and the like (even cuff links!), but one of the more interesting aspects of the company is its army of “personal style advisors” located throughout the country. This direct sales force visits clients at their home or office to ensure a customized fit, allowing jhilburn.com to sell more apparel to more customers, more often – while avoiding costly returns. Bridgescale Managing Director Matthew Cowan calls it a “powerful mix of old and new distribution models” that has the company “on its way to becoming a billion dollar global brand.”

The company also announced its Tailored Suiting Collection for customers looking for that expertly-tailored George Clooney fit (hard to achieve shopping at those suit warehouses). Some fun facts:

  • In 2010, J. Hilburn sold 60,000 luxury dress shirts, more than any other custom clothing maker in the world!
  • The company added 10,000 customers in the last six months
  • They have a custom style called Berry Pepper Allover!
Sean Maggard