Two UTDallas Grads Seek to Cut Emergency Treatment Time

Imagine the daily stress and adrenaline of emergency medicine: gathering information from and triage patients, taking vital signs and symptoms, checking for signs, trying to diagnose with limited information, etc. Now, compound that with a language barrier. Brothers George and Marco Mavromaras both realized this challenge through their firsthand experience in pre-hospital and emergency room medicine. In June 2007, they founded Mavro Inc. in the Dallas suburb of Frisco and produced a hardcopy, paper-based version of a medical term Spanish translation guide. However, that was only a stepping stone for what has now gained nationwide acclaim in the medical community -and beyond. In 2008, Mavro Inc. was the first to build a medical Spanish app for the iPhone (now, also on iPad, iPod, Android and Blackberry), called the Emergency Medical Spanish Guide (EMSG), that would do the same thing as the hardcopy version, in a mobile and electronic format.

Emergency Medical Spanish Guide App
Emergency Medical Spanish Guide App
Emergency Medical Spanish Guide - iPad
Emergency Medical Spanish Guide - iPad

George, a Honors and Magna Cum Laude UT Dallas grad in Biological Science, and Marco, a Neuroscience major, have decided on an approach of using the simplest Spanish translation in order to make it simple for a non-Spanish speaking healthcare provider to use. This takes advantage of how people naturally speak, especially under duress from trauma, when one’s faculties may be inhibited. This is not just a Spanish translation app or service, but also targets medical and healthcare personnel (especially non-Spanish-speaking care providers), to help them facilitate communication and improve the outcome of the patient. Different Spanish dialects are also accounted for. To aid in traversing the typical sequence of questions medics would ask, the app interface is constructed with an easy-to-use YES/NO or select-the-answer format. Available as upgrades are audio capabilities, bookmarking (which allows you to create customized sections) for areas of the EMSG that one would most commonly use, and a flashcard function for learning terms and questions. The EMSG already has over 500,000 downloads, and more mobile apps are on the way. Earlier this week, Dental Spanish, Police Spanish, Occupational Therapy Spanish, and Physical Therapy Spanish became available.

As noted earlier, Mavro Inc is getting a lot of press lately, bolstered by the recognition of receiving several awards. They were a winner of the UT Dallas Entrepreneurship Competition in 2008, and used the $10,000 they won from the UT Dallas Business Idea Competition to initially fund the iPhone app. StartupNation judged Mavro the Most Innovative Product for 2009 in their annual competition. Mavro has even been interviewed by MSN Money for the nationwide success and reputation of the Emergency Medical Spanish Guide (EMSG). And, with perhaps the broadest reach of all, has notified Mavro that they are finals contestant and waiting to hear the results for a Television Biography hosted by (former ABC news morning anchor) Joan Lunden. The show will educate the country on paramount issues and advancements surrounding Mobile Applications, especially in the Medical field, and will be broadcast in over 60 Million households (including Discovery Health, CNBC, etc.).

“The app market is a dynamically changing environment, and let me add, unpredictable. We have to stay current with upcoming features and news, especially from Apple.” – George Mavromaras, Co-founder of Mavro Inc.

With all the press attention, coupled with continually ranking in the Top 10 most downloaded medical applications, George feels that the EMSG is the best in its class. Angel Investors and business owners/mentors, whom they met at the 2008 competition, have remained active in the brothers’ lives by constantly giving feedback and advice. They all meet regularly to share concepts, ideas, and discuss overall strategy. This kind of experience and wisdom has contributed greatly to making Mavro Inc. and its products some of the best in the app market. Notes George, “As a self-funded company experiencing steady growth in the market, we are currently scaling up the business at the right incline and correct speed without losing any momentum. The app market is a dynamically changing environment, and let me add, unpredictable. We have to stay current with upcoming features and news, especially from Apple. The key is to differentiate ourselves and execute as quickly as possible. The app market is flooded with unnecessary apps. Constantly, we are improving our software, marketing strategy, and listening to our users. Our goal is to produce content-worthy sections, features, and questions in order to grow and scale our company.”

Mavro Inc. is currently seeking sponsorship or pharmaceutical advertising. If interested, email, or go here.

For a video demo, click here Mavro Inc – Emergency Medical Spanish Guide.

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  • Greg M.

    Very useful app. Thank you for sharing.

  • Shelly Richards RN

    How cool! Definitely downloading their app, sounds innovative. 

  • Franka4100

    Outstanding article. I expect to see these young men’s pictures on the cover of Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, Forbes or Fortune one of these days.

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