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If you are a freelance web developer or designer, can help you land your next “gig”.  Virtualrockstars as stated on their website “Provides the first virtual co-working space with a platform that will make finding new work easier than getting a can of coke out of the fridge”. Virtualrockstars uses social monitoring to provide a location specific job board for freelancers. LaunchDFW recently had a chance to ask Virtualrockstars’ founder and CEO, Bjoern Zinssmeister, a few questions about the startup.

Zinssmeister tells us about VirtualRockstars, and how the idea was born?

We are a place that helps web designers and developers find projects faster. We aggregate job boards specifically for web freelancers that like to work remotely and so they can focus on what is fun, doing the work, not chasing new projects on multiple websites.

I had the idea for virtualrockstars first during college back in 2007 but knew it wasn’t the right time for it yet. People were just slowly getting used to remote workers and so I decided to wait until early 2009 to start designing the first Photoshop layouts for and buying the domain and such.

Currently the company has 2 founders. Me and Chris Reeves who is helping me build the brand, run the business and also does some front-end coding here and there.


Bjoern tells us about his experience as an entrepreneur.

I always had side projects during school and even while employed. Trying new things, building stuff was always something that I would do on the side. But when I changed jobs last summer, I took 2 months off to build out the first MVP for virtualrockstars and launched a private beta just in time for flying out to Stanford University to attend Y Combinator’s Startup School 2010.

Virtualrockstars is relatively young company, does it  have any funding?

Virtualrockstars is self-funded. Meaning I put my own money into the company. We talked to a few Angels here in Dallas and Austin about a seed round, but it wasn’t a good fit  and we don’t really need any financing right now.

Whats next for Virtualrockstars?

Well, we are branching out from features for people using our site to find projects, towards people like ourselves that have a lot of projects going on already. This month we are releasing a new feature called “clockin” that let’s you checkin to your projects and publish this to your social graph which can be seen here. You could say this is a very casual project management tool. We are also working on an iPhone app to go along with this.

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Julio Dominguez