Dallas Angel Network hosts 2nd pitch event

The Dallas Angel Network (DAN) hosted its 2nd pitch event on April 6th. The initial presentation was by Ram Rai at Yagna IQ. Yagna IQ is a cloud-based software company providing a distribution marketplace to support 3rd party sales channels. The solution allows vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and other business partners to collaborate more efficiently and accurately. YagnaIQ is seeking $3 million in debt or equity financing.

The second presentation was by Mark Armstrong at Whamtech, which produces proprietary software that allows the organization and querying of data across multiple diverse databases. Whamtech has executed a Strategic Vendor Agreement with Booz Allen Hamilton, signed a teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman, and is in discussions to launch their solution on a new platform with EMC2. Whamtech is seeking an investment of $1 million structured as debt or equity to be used as working capital.

Thanks to The Video Ninjas (@TheVideoNinjas) for recording video of the event. Here is the Whamtech presentation.

Brad Anderson