Startup Profile – iChair

iChair is the creation of Vindi Sedey, who saw a market for an advanced stand + case for Apple devices. The iChair design was inspired by the passion that Apple consumers have for their devices, keeping simplicity and functionality in mind. It utilizes the highest quality materials, with locking mechanisms and advanced manufacturing techniques, to produce a product that provides ultimate functionality and sleek looks. The company is currently looking to raise capital through their Kickstarter campaign for the iChair Ipad 2 product line.

We were able to catch up with iChair’s Director of Marketing, Shefali Sedey, and get more familiar with iChair. Take a look at their story and help kickstart their project!

iChair’s Shefali Sedy explains how the iChair idea came about:

The idea for iChair came from my husband, Vindi Sedey,  about a year ago. After struggling to find a case with a stand that both protects your phone and does portrait and landscape, he thought iChair would help solve those problems. After a lot of research, we got a design together and he went overseas to China where he oversaw the production of the cases. We launched in January at CES 2011 in Vegas.

How did you and Vindi get started down the entrepreneurship path?

My husband actually started his own commercial real estate company, and continues to manage it. However, the economy is another reason we started iChair. So far, its a two-person team, my husband and I, but, we’ve found some solid contractors to help in areas we’re unfamiliar in such as web design or graphic design.

What is the funding strategy for iChair?

We are completely self-funded, which is why we needed help from KickStarter to produce the iPad 2 and iPod Touch cases. If we reach our goal, we’ll be able to produce a mold for the iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G allowing us to increase our product line and keep up with newer technology.

The tablet space exploding this year, will you be supporting other platforms?

Right now, we’re really just focused on Apple products. With Apple, they only produce one phone or tablet per year so it’s easier to keep up with producing a case. With other companies coming out with new products every month, it makes it difficult to keep up -especially for a start-up company.

What is next for iChair?

We are working on getting our products to retailers and distributing globally. We want to continue growing by manufacturing cases for newer products.

Julio Dominguez