Startup Profile – Nimbix

Working in the cloud has made people’s lives so much easier. No more need to carry around portable storage devices or small thumb drives. Now your files are accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. But a new company, Nimbix, currently in the Tech Wildcatters Spring 2011 program, is taking a slightly different slant. They are targeting companies that need high performance computing (HPC), but can’t afford the upfront capital investment. So companies can benefit by using on-demand cloud computing to meet their needs.

Rob Sherrard and Steve Hebert have known each other for a decade, and have  kept in touch over the years. Just last year, they co-founded Nimbix along with Kevin Ciavarra, who serves primarily in an advisory role. Nimbix is a cloud-based hardware platform for computationally intensive applications. So what does that really mean? Think of the amount of data and processing power required in statistical analysis. In October 2010, the company announced Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (NACC), their platform which enables companies to utilize and leverage the fastest available accelerated servers to complete their tasks. Suitable applications could be in healthcare/medicine, engineering, weather, anything with heavy duty modeling or predicitive analysis. You can even use NACC to model your golf swing.

Nimbix has partnered with NVIDIA and other leaders that utilize hardware accelerator technologies, including FPGAs and GPUs. They expect to announce another international partnership in the very near future. Nimbix is doing fine financially, having been bootstrapped thus far; however, to grow faster they expect to seek funding in the near future.

Rob and Steve know a challenging road lies ahead of them. But at least they know their path. Most people think of the cloud as a place to store their music, photos, or business documents – with ubiquitous access to all of it. Getting people to adjust their mindset, so they begin to BELIEVE in the utility of cloud-based hardware platforms, will take some time.

You can read more about how they came up with the Nimbix name here

Brad Anderson