ShopSavvy Gets Busy – Android Update + Usage Numbers

It has been a busy week for our friends over at ShopSavvy. On April 1st they introduced their most recent app to the world, Gray Scale, the app that allows people who spend most of their time alone to capture and have real-time access to monochromatic photos and videos of themselves — created by themselves, for themselves. An April Fools joke that ,according to Co-Founder Alexander Muse’s twitter feed, had the Shop Savvy site inundated with traffic from the Grey Scale press.

The Android team at ShopSavvy quietly released Shop Savvy 4.0.9 for Android  last week as well. The update to the Android app includes (via Shop Savvy blog).

– Users can turn on the flash to scan barcodes if they like. I wrote downside of this here.

– App gives you a button to turn on local if you have disabled it for some reason

– Several annoying bugs have been fixed

And just today Shop Savvy released the their estimation of percentage of smartphone users that use Shop Savvy based on a comScore Report on U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share. By their estimation Shop Savvy is used by more than 10% of smartphone users.

– 16,000,000+ Downloads/Installs (200-275K a week)

– 64,000,000+ Updates – 8,000,000+ Current Unique Users

– 3,100,000+ Actives in the last period

= More than 10% of smartphone owners use ShopSavvy

Their blog gives an explanation for each category listed ie. Downloads, Updates, Current Unique Users and Actives in the last period. While the estimation on their market share is debatable, one thing is for sure, with numbers like that, ShopSavvy has come a long way from their 2008 release. We congratulate you on your success.

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Julio Dominguez