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Formed in 2010 in Ft. Worth, SocialDish is now using the power of Social Referral Marketing to allow members to share the amazing opportunity to earn real money just by posting, tweeting and chatting. Put Simply, Social Dish is a Group Buying site that uses Social Referral Marketing to reward its users with cash for just referring others who end up taking advantage of the amazing deals SocialDish has to offer.

Sharing SocialDish leads to rewards. Every time you refer a friend that takes advantage of a deal, you earn a percentage of their purchase. The same goes for their friends. The sky is the limit – you can sign up as many friends as you’d like. As your network grows you will see your percentage of earnings grow as well. The potential is incredible. With the kind of rewards and quality deals we offer, there’s no real ‘selling’ involved. All you have to do is click that button and share SocialDish with your friends.

Social Dish is currently in Pre-Launch, they will not start offering deals until later this month and are in the process of building a Base during Pre-Launch.

Their website states their pitch to potential group members as.

Think of us as a friend with connections. Every morning, we email you an exclusive deal – huge discounts on everything from fine dining to upscale entertainment in your local area.

Enjoy a three-course meal or an evening at the theater without worrying about your bank account. Explore the places,  people, and the food that make your city unique with SocialDish daily deals. Our great deals are only half of the reason to be a part of SocialDish.

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