Ovenbits Launches MANsaver App

Dallas’ own Ovenbits , a Web and Mobile App developer, has released the MANsaver app for the Iphone.  The App is described as being the App that makes Dating and Marriage easy by Auto Generating and notifying all of the key relationship milestones, anniversaries and holidays.

The process is simple.

Enter Your Relationship Status + Start Date

It’s dead simple. Just enter those 2 pieces of info…and watch MANsaver do the heavy lifting for you. No need to log lots of calendar events or phone reminders. Your wife or girlfriend will soon be singing the praises of your incredible knack for being sentimental.

See Every Potential Anniversary, Holiday & Milestone

The app auto-generates every imaginable anniversary, holiday and relationship milestone. You know all of those crazy “100 days of dating” and “3 months of marriage” dates that girls seem to pull out of thin air…well MANsaver has you covered even on those.

Push Notifications + Sentimental Text Message Drafts

You’ll make Romeo look like a chump! Every relational date comes with push notification reminders 5 days before as well as the day of. In addition to that, MANsaver hooks you up with sentimental text message drafts, creative date scenarios and sweet gift ideas.

Their website quotes one of the ultimate Manly Men “Aside from my unlimited-ammo-machine-gun, Man Saver is my favorite tool.”-Rambo

And lastly for all men, The deal closer…

MAN Saver does the heavy lifting for you. Sawing timber, domesticating lions and scaling Everest vicariously are more important things for men to be doing than trying to constantly remember their plethora of relational dates”

From a quick Twiterview with @mdavis one of Ovenbits developers an Android version of the app is “most likely” the next step with this app.

Download here.

Julio Dominguez