AT&T Foundry Innovation Center opens in Plano

The AT&T Foundry Innovation Center in Plano opened on Thursday to show off their new test center and enterprise-level labs, where mobile developers can take advantage of the LTE network set up there. AT&T CTO John Donovan spoke at the event, which was host-sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent. AT&T is accepting applications to their program at

Through a process they’re dubbing “speed-dating”, a panel of AT&T executives will hear 15-minute pitches from developers seeking access to AT&T resources, technology experts and coaches. The panel looks for ideas that can leverage the power of HTML5, are connected-health applications that could change dramatically health care, or are machine-to-machine mobile applications that allow people to interact with the environment in meaningful new ways.

The LTE environment is designed to foster collaboration among peers and encourage innovation through the use of their high-speed LTE network. Here is the press release for the event and more on the Plano Foundry.

Brad Anderson