Tech Wildcatters Happy Hour with Brad Feld and Advice for the DFW Startup Community

Tech Wildcatters hosted a happy hour and book signing with Brad Feld on Tuesday evening. Nearly 100 people showed up to celebrate and hear Brad speak about his experiences with startups, and his visions for the future. Brad also lent this advice:

(a) don’t rely on government or the corporate world to foster the environment necessary for the successful startup; it must be done from the ground up, and (b) don’t compare the DFW entrepreneur community with that of Silicon Valley or the East Coast — it’s not a fair comparison; rather, embrace what’s unique about what DFW has to offer.

Feld’s appearance followed a day of 17 pitches by budding startups seeking acceptance into the semi-annual Tech Wildcatters accelerator program. After speaking with Gabriella Draney, Jon Feld, and Brad Taylor, several take-aways surfaced. To no surprise, social, mobile, and gaming was popular. But so was infrastructure and support-related services. This time around, there was much more maturization of the concepts, in that presenters seemed to glean tips and advice from mentors and the previous TW class on honing their idea and their approach to the pitch itself.

From an initial 50 teams that were pre-qualified (had at least 2 founders, involved certain technologies and/or applications, etc.), only 17 concepts were selected. Within the next couple of weeks, about 7 to 10 teams will find out that they have been chosen to participate in the spring class.

Good luck to everyone involved. The 12-week accelerator “bootcamp” officially starts on February 28. Click here for some tweets and photos of the fun.

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