Startup Weekend Dallas – Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of Startup Weekend Dallas continued with the 10 teams with the most votes from the previous day refining their ideas and prototyping the products. Many folks who didn’t pitch or whose idea didn’t make the cut joined one of the 10 teams. Some participants even contributed to multiple teams! The 10 ideas/concepts were: – helps diners evaluate which restaurant dish to choose – social app relating to golf
Befriends – iPhone Game Application
Risky Savings – personal financial risk assessment
Moped – mobile coupon concept (virtual tours)
PainMaps – global crowdsourced database (Job Board for US Military Vets targeting Logistics jobs) – content management focusing on photographers and their clients
VoteOnPlay – social media game focusing on sporting events

You can find more detail here and here.

Startup Poker began in the evening after a mentally exhausting (and at the same time, exhilirating) day. Brianda Padilla @musikgalaxy won the poker game! Congrats!

On the 3rd and final day, the pressure in the offices where all 10 teams were working was certainly more palpable than Days 1 and 2. Teams were finalizing their ideas, fixing problems, and getting ready for the demo presentations. As 5pm rolled around, 4 judges (Eric Engineer, Scott Ticer, Gabriella Draney, and Vik Thapar) were introduced and the first team prepared to present. After a little over 2 hours, all 10 teams had finished their demos, and the judges adjourned to a private room to discuss the concepts and choose the top 3. They were:
3rd place –
2nd place –
1st place – VoteonPlay []

Congrats to all involved! It was an awesome experience! I will work on having some video of the initial pitches and the demos on this site in the next several days.

Brad Anderson