Pitches Jason Calacanis on ThisWeekInStartups

More than 50 startup enthusiasts met at CoHabitat on Tuesday for the first ever TWISTDFW Startup Meetup. The event was hosted by the weekly podcast, ThisWeekInStartups (TWIST), and featured the Dallas group, plus seven other cities selected from dozens of startup meetup groups across the world. TWISTDFW attendees heard pitches from six startups and selected Megan Masoner to pitch her online fashion community and marketplace, reFINEstyle, to Jason Calacanis live on the podcast. The show hosts gave feedback on the pitch and discussed her startup for about 15 minutes before Jason ended the segment by saying, “Its absurdly good, I would invest in this company!” ReFINEstyle was also voted second overall favorite at the end of the podcast and you can see the full clip via YouTube above. Pitches Jason Calacanis on This Week In Startups

Sean Maggard