Startup Profile: Image Vision Labs

Give us the 30-second elevator pitch of your company

Commercial web sites, such as Photobucket, which accept user generated content, employ or outsource employees to visually inspect uploaded content to ensure it falls within acceptable usage guidelines. Image Vision Labs (IVL) is a software company pioneering advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and visual object recognition techniques to reduce web companies’ content moderation expenses by automating the detection and filtering of user generated and uploaded content. Currently, IVL visual recognition capabilities include image and video pornography detection, visual fingerprinting, and human gesture recognition.

Tell us about the founders, who they are, backgrounds, and why they are passionate about your company

Steven White has been working in Telecom for the last 15 years and is the thought leader behind the IVL recognition platform.  Steven is passionate about pioneering developing new markets and finding new ways technology can improve our lives.

Mitch Butler has been in Telecom business develop and sales for the past 20 years and heads the IVL technical operations and sales team.  Mitch Butler is passionate about making the Internet a cleaner place for all.

Do you have funding? How much?

Self-funded by founders as of Jun 2010.

What are your startup’s goals for this year?

This year’s goals for Image Vision labs includes first customer deployment and continued optimization and improvements in recognition techniques.

Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.