Startup Profile:

Give us the 30-second elevator pitch on your company

Extractiv is a new content provisioning service that helps consumers “make sense” of the text available on the WWW. We use natural language processing — in conjunction with the world’s best distributed computing platform — in order to turn Web text into structured data that can be used in a variety of apps, such as sentiment tracking or semantic search.

Tell us about the founders, who they are, backgrounds, and why they are passionate about your company

Founders are Andy Hickl, CEO of Dallas-based Language Computer Corporation and *and* Shion Deysarkar, CEO of Houston-based 80Legs. Extractiv takes the best NLP in the world and combines it with the most powerful crawling platform available today.

Do you have funding? How much?

Backed by Creeris Ventures and private investors

What are your startup’s goals for this year?

Launch of a new sentiment tracking/social media monitoring platform. Launch of a new content extraction platform that will rival OpenCalais, other offerings.

Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.